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Welcome Awesome Rebels :)

'Cause I'm awesome and weird, just like you? Sweet candy corn, you're my kind of person.

Welcome to my little space of Rebelness :) This is where I (and other rebels, like yourself) can celebrate all things rebels.

Rebels always get a bad rep. Well it's time to take it back! No more shall we be called lazy, selfish, or just pain weird. People have got us all wrong.

We're not lazy, selfish (God, I hate that word), or WEIRD (unless you like calling yourself that, then that's cool). We like to do things our own way. We need to fill up our cup before giving to others (which is totally normal and healthy btw!).

We can't just mold ourselves to fit what everyone else wants. We need passion and a desire to do something, not just because we were told to do it.

We are the misunderstood tendency. Read Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies if you have no idea what I'm talking about. We're the outcasts. We never really feel like we fit in.

And we're not all tattooed-covered, leather jacket wearing, spiked hair rebels like the movies would like us to believe. (If you have any of those, that's totally cool too! All awesome rebels are welcome here. Did I mention that I'm scared of needles?)

We might not rebel on the outside. We might look pretty plain, actually. But our soul is a rebel soul and it can't be pushed down or ignored for too long.

Let's embrace our rebel awesomeness and bring that rebel love into our businesses! Why can't we run our businesses the way we want to run them?

There isn't one way to be successful so let's figure out the best path for you and your business.